Exhibit Hall

With an area of 25,000 square feet, the main exhibit hall of the Saginaw County Fairgrounds can handle about anything (even an entire Christmas Village). Swap meets, shows and expos of all types have made the hall home over the years. With the recent addition of a curtain allowing it to be sectioned off at just under 10,000 feet it becomes ideal for weddings and other celebrations at a price more affordable than many smaller venues.

With a open span of nearly 100ft and a 250ft length swap meets, sales and shows can be held in one area with plenty of room.

Weddings and other celebrations also benefit from the halls size. large events can be accommodated without having to pack the tables so closely it restricts movement. No need for tight rows of banquet tables here. This helps reduce the need to reorganize things during your event. There is plenty of room for seating, a buffet, a bar, and a dance area.

If your interested in renting the hall for your event contact the fair office at 989.845.2143